Why Should I Apply Autumn Lawn Fertiliser?

September 2023


Applying autumn lawn fertiliser is an important step in maintaining a healthy and vibrant lawn that most home owners forget or neglect. There can be some dire consequences to neglecting the Autumn Lawn Feed, so here are three reasons why you should apply Autumn lawn fertiliser.

What benefit can Autumn Lawn Feed possibly bring?

Promote Essential Root Growth: During the autumn season, grass plants shift their energy from above-ground growth to root development. Applying fertiliser in the Autumn provides essential nutrients like nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium that help strengthen and expand the root system. Stronger roots make your lawn more resilient to stressors like drought and winter frosts, leading to a healthier lawn in the spring.

Prepare for Winter: Fertilising in the Autumn also helps your lawn prepare for the harsh winter months. The nutrients provided by the fertilizer give the grass plants the reserves they need to endure the cold and potentially long periods of snow cover. This ensures that your lawn has a better chance of bouncing back in the spring with lush, green growth when the weather warms up. Equinox Autumn lawn feed is packed with Potassium (the K in NPK!) which makes the plant more resilient to disease brought on from stressors such as prolonged cold, foot traffic and frosts.

Weed and Moss Suppression: A well-fertilised lawn in the Autumn can help suppress the growth of weeds and moss. When your grass is healthy and thick, it leaves less space and resources for unwanted plants to establish themselves. This natural weed and moss control can reduce the need for chemical treatments in the spring and summer, promoting a more eco-friendly and low-maintenance lawn care regimen. Followed up with our Turf Rise 10-2-2 + 8 Fe Weed Feed and Moss Killer in May, this will eliminate any weeds in your lawn for an immaculate summer lawn.

Why do people not feed their lawn in the autumn?

The biggest reason lawn lovers don't fertilise their lawn in Autumn is they simply forget or don't know of the benefits. 


A lot of people sprinkle down the well-known brands from their local hardware store in the summer time and expect magical permanent fix.  In reality, the results are short-lived.  You might get a fast green-up (good for marketing) but then your grass is left without essential nutrients for the rest of the year.


Lets face it, with everything else going on in life, its very easy to forget to buy and apply your Autumn treatments, even though you now know why its important! 

How can a Mowd Lawn Care Plan help me with the autumn lawn feed?

At Mowd, we supply a subscription lawn care service whereby we send you the right amount of the right fertiliser at the right time, so you don't have to worry or remember! Just open the package and apply it as soon as it arrives - job done! What's more, by paying monthly you can spread the cost of you lawn care over the year.

Equinox Spring & Autumn Lawn Fertiliser

Equinox Lawn Fertiliser is available via all lawn care plans or through our subscriptions trials.

Premium granular lawn feed with sports-grade nutrients, designed to slowly release nutrients into your lawn for up to 3-months in one treatment.

  • Apply in Spring and Autumn (March-May and August-November)
  • Creates a vibrant green lawn with strong, thick leaves
  • Protects against lawn diseases
  • Nutrient rich to wake up your lawn after winter
  • Encourages root growth to store nutrients over the winter months
  • Increase natural soil/root zone fertility (source of organic carbon)
  • Buy what you need with no wastage.
  • Added Magnesium, Calcium & Seaweed to supercharge your lawn
  • NPK = 15-1-15
    • Nitrogen = 15%
    • Phosphorus = 1%
    • Potassium = 15%
    • Also contains Calcium (2.5 %) and Magnesium (1%)
    • Added Seaweed for improved soil structure

Application rate = 35-50g/m2

Coverage per pack = 20 to 30sqm 

Equinox Lawn Fertiliser is available via all lawn care plans or through our subscriptions trials.


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