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Mowd was born, with a sole aim:  To provide high quality lawn care products (and the supporting expertise) to everyone.  It doesn't matter to us if you are brand new to lawn care, or have the best greenery around.  Every customer will receive the same exceptional service from our team.


Everyone can have a great lawn

We understand that everyone's perspective of a great lawn is different.  Some love to treat it with extra special care and turn it into something that resembles a golf course.  Others want a lawn that looks thick, lush and will withstand the dog's tracks or the goalkeeper's dive patches - so that their family can enjoy the garden all year round.


We have subscriptions to suit all uses and skill levels. Our granular treatments require no special equipment or knowledge and is almost as simple as sprinkling 

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Right Amount, Right Product, Right Time

As a family run business of grass enthusiasts with a history of working on cricket pitches and golf courses, we have advised many of our closest friends, family and work colleagues over the years on how to revive and maintain their lawn, because they just didn't know how.  Once they got the bug, they were then asking, "what is the best product", "How do I get rid of moss?", "How much do I buy?".... 


We love sharing our knowledge about great lawns and we love hearing the stories of how your lawn became the talk of the street!

And this is how we came up with the concept of providing lawn care subscriptions.  We love it, our customers love it, and we think you'll love it too!

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Great lawns for homes everywhere!

It's not all about the products

Lawn care plans designed in house to suit your garden needs.  From full YouTube tutorials to blog posts, chat support, Facebook community and everything in between.  Mowd has your lawn care needs covered!

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