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Feels Like Summer Fertiliser - Summer Fertiliser

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Feels Like summer




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12% Nitrogen, 3% Phosphorus, 9% Potassium

+2% Mg

Magnesium for improved photosynthesis

+2% Fe

Iron to produce emerald green grass

3 months

Long lasting 3 months - treat less, enjoy more

20-30 sqm

1 kg pack covers 20-30 square metres

Feels like Summer Lawn Fertiliser

Equinox Lawn Fertiliser is available via all lawn care plans or through our subscriptions trials.

Feels Like Summer is a long lasting granular fertiliser suitable for all turf types. In addition to the industry standard Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium (NPK), we have blended Magnesium Oxide and Iron to assist in chlorophyll production preventing the lawn from turning yellow and ensuring a vibrant dark green colour.


  • Enables the grass pant to make the best use of available moisture
  • Increases disease resistance
  • Thicker and Healthier plant cell walls
  • Long lasting nitrogen - up to 3 months
  • Phosphorous assists in root development enabling the plant to reach more nutrients contained within the soil.
  • Small 1-2.5mm granules spread evenly across the lawn.

Potassium also helps the grass build thicker cell walls and strengthen the grass plant so it can withstand disease. Feels Like Summer fertiliser can last up to 3 months, meaning you can treat the lawn less often and enjoy a lush green lawn for longer.

Feels Like Summer fertiliser provides predictable results for healthy, green grass plants, even through the dry summer months.

  • NPK = 15-1-15
    • Nitrogen = 12%
    • Phosphorus = 3%
    • Potassium = 9%
    • Magnesium (2%)
    • Iron (2)%

Feels Like Summer fertiliser can be applied between May and September.

Equinox Lawn Fertiliser is available via all lawn care plans or through our subscriptions trials.

The perfect blend for summer BBQ's, garden parties and evenings in the sun

As the summers get longer and warmer it is more crucial than ever to get the right nutrients in to your lawn.  Its called "Feels Like Summer" for a reason - this blend keeps your grass looking deep green on colour, and thickens the sward to withstand all footfall and drier weather.

Keep on growing - slowly...

The nitrogen in Feels Like Summer fertiliser is slow release, meaning it keep feeding your lawn for up to 3 months.  More time enjoying your garden, less time treating your lawn

Make the most of the rain

Lawns lack moisture more than anything else in the summer.  The Potassium in the "Feels Like Summer" fertiliser blend enables your grass to make the most of the water available to it, reducing the time and money wasted watering your lawn.  Keep it green, say good by to brown, dried up grass.

(Still) The colour of envy

We've blended Iron into the Feels Like Summer fertiliser to maintain the emerald green colour, building on the spring time Equinox treatment

ZERO waste

Only buy what you need with our 1 kg packs.  Reduce wastage and save money on left over fertiliser.  Not sure how much you need? Try our LAWN MEASURING TOOL

Its what's under the surface that counts

Feels Like Summer lawn feed drives roots deeper down to access moisture and nutrients thanks to the Phosphorus.  Strong roots, strong grass

Protect against disease

 Just like you, your grass can become susceptible to disease if it doesn't get all the right nutrition.  We keep the levels of Potassium high to just that - defend against disease

Easy & consistent to apply

Apply by hand or with a spreader, we stand by granular fertilisers because they are so easy and consistent to apply.  Get consistent results every time, without the need to buy expensive knapsack sprayers

We set the benchmark for others to follow. Take a look for yourself...

  • Feels Like Summer Fertiliser 


  • Generic Fertiliser


Nitrogen (N)



Phosphorus (P)



Potassium (K)



Magnesium (Mg)



Iron (Fe)


up to 3 months

Treatment Lasts

4-6 weeks

No waste - order only what you need


Yes - sold in big quantities

No - grass does not shoot

Grass Rapidly Grows

Yes - more mowing for you

Specific treatment tailored to the time of year

Specific Treatment

No - same treatment every time


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