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How to apply your Equinox Spring & Autumn Fertilser

So you've received your subscription delivery for March - our nutrient pack Equinox Spring & Autumn Fertiliser.  To supplement the infographic included in your box, we have this short how to guide.


Happy spreading!


Looking for some help?  Whether you need help measuring your lawn, or you want technical info on the products - this page should be able to help!    


If you need further assistance after checking out our guide - drop us a message in the live chat, or contact us.

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Feels Like Summer - Lawn Fertiliser


Equinox  - Lawn Fertiliser


Sea of Green - Seaweed Meal


Greenbest Satugran - Lawn Fertiliser


Angus Turf Rise - Feed, Weed & Moss Killer


We love lawns at Mowd!  The fascination started back in the late 90's when Rich and Dan (Mowd founders), worked on local cricket pitches and golf courses. Cutting, treating and fighting the elements to bring beautiful looking grass to sports facilities in the Midlands.  


Since then, we have been advising friends and family on treatments to buy and  how to care for & renovate their lawns.  That is why we decided to launch Mowd Lawn Care Plans - to enable lawn lovers everywhere, no matter what the skill level.


Rich Young  / Product Director