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Equinox Spring & Autumn Fertiliser

Spring & Autumn

Equinox Fertiliser




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Available in all Mowd Lawn Care Plans or try before you subscribe.

20-30 sqm

1 kg pack covers 20-30 square metres


15% Nitrogen, 1% Phosphorus, 15% Potassium

+1% Mg

Magnesium for improved photosynthesis

+2.5% Ca

Calcium to improve cell structure


Added seaweed to improve soil conditions

Equinox Spring & Autumn Lawn Fertiliser

Equinox Lawn Fertiliser is available via all lawn care plans or through our subscriptions trials.

Premium granular lawn feed with sports-grade nutrients, designed to slowly release nutrients into your lawn for up to 3-months in one treatment.

  • Apply in Spring and Autumn (March-May and August-November)
  • Creates a vibrant green lawn with strong, thick leaves
  • Protects against lawn diseases
  • Nutrient rich to wake up your lawn after winter
  • Encourages root growth to store nutrients over the winter months
  • Increase natural soil/root zone fertility (source of organic carbon)
  • Buy what you need with no wastage.
  • Added Magnesium, Calcium & Seaweed to supercharge your lawn
  • NPK = 15-1-15
    • Nitrogen = 15%
    • Phosphorus = 1%
    • Potassium = 15%
    • Also contains Calcium (2.5 %) and Magnesium (1%)
    • Added Seaweed for improved soil structure

Application rate = 35-50g/m2

Coverage per pack = 20 to 30sqm 

Equinox Lawn Fertiliser is available via all lawn care plans or through our subscriptions trials.

Wake your lawn up from spring (and prepare it for winter!)

A high level of Nitrogen will give your grass all the spring nutrition it needs after a long, harsh winter.  Huge amounts of Potassium will prepare your grass for winter, making your grass more resilient to disease. Extend the outdoor season with Equinox Spring & Autumn Fertiliser.

A thicker sward means a resilient lawn

Protect your lawn from playing pets and children with Equinox Spring & Autumn Fertiliser.  It's specially formulated to provided a resilient lawn that's up to the toughest of use - children, pets, BBQ's - keep your lawn looking good all year round and into late Autumn


The key to a great lawn is great soil.  We've blended seaweed, harvested from the Atlantic ocean, to improve your soil and supercharge your lawn

The colour of envy

Equinox Spring & Autumn Fertiliser produces a deep green emerald colour - ironic as your neighbours will be green with envy

ZERO waste

Only buy what you need with our 1 kg packs.  Reduce wastage and save money on left over fertiliser.  Not sure how much you need? Try our LAWN MEASURING TOOL

Improve grass health, not just its appearance

Added Calcium (Ca) helps the grass plant repair its cells, aiding recovery from imminent stressors such as footfall, frosts and heavy rainfall

Improve photosynthesis

 Magnesium (Mg) improves the plants photosynthesis helping it create all the energy it requires to grow healthy, thick and lush

Easy & consistent to apply

Apply by hand or with a spreader, we stand by granular fertilisers because they are so easy and consistent to apply.  Get consistent results every time, without the need to buy expensive knapsack sprayers

We set the benchmark for others to follow. Take a look for yourself...

  • Equinox Fertiliser 


  • Generic Fertiliser


Nitrogen (N)



Phosphorus (P)



Potassium (K)



Magnesium (Mg)



Calcium (Ca)





up to 3 months

Treatment Lasts

4-6 weeks

No waste - order only what you need


Yes - sold in big quantities

No - grass does not shoot

Grass Rapidly Grows

Yes - more mowing for you

Specific treatment tailored to the time of year

Specific Treatment

No - same treatment every time


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