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Mowd Lawn Care Subscriptions send you the right lawn care product, at the right time of year, straight to your door


We know what your lawn needs, so let us do the heavy lifting.  What's more, we even send you the exact amount you need, so there's ZERO waste.  Save time and money, and see how easy the perfect lawn can be.


Cheaper than buying individual treatments throughout the year, save 10% when you subscribe.


The right product

Mowd lawn care treatments are professional sports grade quality, that we have tailored for the home garden.  The right product is dependant on the time of year - that's why we have a range of treatments depending on the season.   We have calculated the exact amount of Nitrogen, Phosphorus & Potassium your lawn needs - as well as blending in some turbo boosters

At the right time

Your carefully blended lawn care treatments will arrive just when you need to apply them, so you can occupy your mind with other, more important matters - like who to invite to your summer BBQ this year

To your door

And there's no need to travel to the DIY store either - we send your lawn care treatments straight to your door, with tracked delivery included in all subscriptions.  We save you time

Zero waste

The amount of fertiliser you apply is critical to lawn success; too much will damage your lawn (not to mention require mowing lots!), too little and your lawn won't get all the nutrition it needs


We send you the exact amount you need to ensure the best lawn at the best price.  No left over 10kg bags of fertiliser here

3 months from one treatment

But maybe the most impressive characteristic of Mowd's fertilisers and lawn care treatments is the longevity.  Our seasonal fertilisers last up to 3 months, thanks to a methylated urea coating which minimises nutrient loss to leaching, and prevents your grass from growing out of control.  Spend less time treating your lawn, and more time enjoying it

Save £'s when you subscribe

You might think all these benefits come at a premium price?  With prices starting from just £3.40 per month, you can save 10% when you subscribe to a Mowd lawn care package

Online tools to help you choose...

Online lawn assessment

Discover the ultimate solution for your lawn care needs with our innovative Online Lawn Assessment!  Simply answer a few questions about your current lawn condition & aspirations, and let our intuitive quiz do the rest. Whether you're dreaming of a vibrant green oasis or seeking a low-maintenance solution, we've got you covered. 


Take the guesswork out of lawn care and start your journey towards a healthier, more beautiful lawn today with our online Lawn Assessment!

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Measure my lawn

Measure your lawn online

We have 2 garden measuring tools for you:

Lawn Area Calculator: Perfect if you know the length and width of your garden - and you can subtract areas that you don't contain any grass, such as your patio, flower beds and paths 


Measure on a Map: Our interactive satellite-view map allows you to draw the boundary around your garden to show the total area.

Measure my lawn

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