Measure Your Lawn Area

With Mowd's principle of only supplying only the lawn treatments you need (and saving money in the process), we want to give you all the tools possible to make an accurate assessment of your lawn area.  Use this map draw tool to draw out and measure your lawn area on a map, then see the size.

Total Area:

Instructions: How to measure your lawn with a Map

This lawn area tool will allow you to retrieve your lawn size without getting up!  It works by using a a mapping service (like Google Maps) to find your property, then simply draw out an area (polygon) of your garden boundary.


If you are carrying out these steps on a mobile device, they should be pretty similar - but the layout might change a little and your phone's setup  might give slightly different experiences.  Touching the correct points on your screen can be tough, but remember to zoom in on the map for better controls.


To measure your lawn, follow these steps:

Lookup your post code to zoom in on your location.

Zoom in or out as much as you like to get the best view of your property boundary then click the 'Polygon Tool' Icon (see picture below) on the map controls.

Click the first corner of your lawn on the map, then click each corner to create the lawn area. To complete the area, single click the last point twice.   You will then see the Lawn area calculated for you in Square Metres (m2).

If you wish to add more areas (ie. the front lawn, then the back lawn), simply click the 'Draw Tool' Icon again, then repeat the process.  All drawn areas will be added together to produce a single square metre total.

Polygon Tool Icon on map controls:

Instructions: How to measure your lawn with a Map (Video guide)

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This tool relies on external data that Mowd Ltd has no control over.  It is the responsibility of the user to confirm accuracy of the results if they are to be used to order fertiliser products.  Care should be taken to ensure any non-grass areas are excluded from the total area when placing the order.


Want to extract non-grass areas from your lawn area?  Try our lawn area calculator for more granular results.

Now that you know your lawn area... 

Take a note of your lawn Size and head over to our lawn care subscription comparison page to see what  just how affordable the options are.


With flexible payment plans and fully granular fertiliser options, we have a DIY lawn plan for everyone.