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Dispatch notifications & tracked delivery

Weeds & Moss

3 weed killers target weeds whilst iron kills moss

Soil improvers

Seaweed soil improver & wetting agent

Slow release

Each lawn fertiliser lasts up to 3 months long

6 treatments

6 lawn treatments sent to you throughout the year

Advanced Lawn Care Subscription

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The Advanced Lawn Care Plan gives your lawn the very best chance of thriving through nutrient and soil conditioning.  Our collection of 6x granular lawn treatments are delivered 4-times throughout the year from March through to September.  All feeds are slow release and last up to 3-months.

Treatments include:

  • Spring Feed
  • Summer Feed
  • Autumn Feed
  • Weed Feed and Moss Killer 
  • Seaweed Soil Improver
  • Wetting Agent

Subscribe & Save! Get all lawn treatments in this plan for 10% cheaper than individual purchases!

Mowd Lawn Care Plans are carefully curated lawn treatments designed to enhanced the colour, health and coverage of your lawn, with maximum convenience.  You buy only what you need - so there is no wastage!

Measure your lawn - save money

We want you to make the most out of your Lawn Subscription, which includes preventing waste and saving money.  We have developed some useful tools for accurately measuring your lawn, right here on the Mowd Website.  

You can measure your garden lawn on a map, without even needing to be in your garden (perfect when you're looking at this from the office or on a beach).

If you know the length and width of your garden, try our lawn area calculator.  The lawn calculator allows you to exclude all the non-grass areas (flower beds, patio, shed footprint etc) and discover the correct for your new lawn care plan!  

That's right - we provide tools that stop you spending too much money with us 🤯.

Find the plan that suits you best

Choice of 3 lawn care plans. Simple pricing with delivery included.  Simply choose the plan and payment schedule that suits you! 

Want to try before you subscribe?

A selection of our lawn plan treatments are available to buy as a trial pack.  This gives you the chance to try a treatment before subscribing.  Simply enter your lawn size and choose the product.


Who is the Advanced Lawn Care Subscription for?

The Advanced lawn care subscription is for the lawn connoisseur.  You want your neighbours to stop you wand ask why your lawn is so perfect, and you'll pass it off like its something you did.  And that's ok, because you did.  You understand the role soil health plays in the perfect lawn, and if your grass isn't perfect, what's the point?

What treatments are included in the 

Advanced Lawn Care Subscription?

The Advanced Lawn Care Subscription includes all the seasonal fertilisers and weed & moss treatments seen in the basic and level up packages.  But we've also included Seaweed harvested straight form the Atlantic Ocean to improve soil health, and a granular wetting agent to prevent localised dry spot and get your lawn through the long dry summer.  That's 6 treatments in total!

Spring Treatment


15-1-15 +2.5% Ca +1% Mg +Seaweed

Equinox Spring & Autumn fertiliser is our spring treatment of choice.  High in nitrogen, it will wake your grass up from its winter state and green up your grass ready for the first of the spring sunshine

Weed & Moss Treatment


10-2-2 +8% Fe (Dicamba, Mecoprop-P, 2,4-D)

Turf Rise Feed, Weed and Moss Killer is sent to you in May as the weeds are actively growing.  Applied at the wrong time of year selective weed killers can be completely ineffective.  Luckily, we take care of the timing for you, so you receive it just when its time to apply.

Soil Improver Treatment


Aerates soil

Sea of Green seaweed meal is harvested from the Atlantic ocean.  The oldest fertiliser, used for 100's of years, it will improve drainage, water retention and soil structure for the perfect lawn

Summer Treatment


12-3-9 +2% Mg +2% Fe

Feels Like Summer will produce a lawn that is lush and thick, even in the height of summer.  BBQ's, parties and even playing children are no match for this powerful lawn feed

Wetting Agent


Relieves Localised Dry Spot

Satugran wetting agent is different - its granular.  Just as effective but easier and consistent to apply.  Spread it in exactly the same way you would our fertilisers and say good bye to localised dry spot

Autumn Treatment 


15-1-15 +2.5% Ca +1% Mg +Seaweed

Equinox is also our autumn treatment.  This time the high Potassium content will help prepare your lawn for the harsh winter months ahead, and enable you to enjoy the last few weeks of autumn

ZERO waste

You will only receive the exact amount you need for your lawn size.  We have carefully calculated each lawn care subscription package so your lawn receives the right amount of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium each year to ensure maximum soil health and lawn appearance.  It is impossible to over or under apply

Tracked delivery included

You don't pay a penny more than the price at checkout.  Every lawn care subscription includes a dispatch notification and tracking, so you know exactly when to expect your parcel 

Automatic Dispatch

We take care of all the planning and logistic - never again will you forget to treat your lawn, or have to make the trip to the DIY store last minute.  Get on with enjoying your garden, and when the lawn treatments are due, we will send them straight to you

Easy & consistent to apply

Apply by hand or with a spreader, we stand by granular fertilisers because they are so easy and consistent to apply.  Get consistent results every time, without the need to buy expensive knapsack sprayers


All of our lawn treatments are granular, from our lawn fertilisers, soil improvers and wetting agents.  

Use our online lawn tools to help you chose the right plan

Online lawn assessment

Discover the ultimate solution for your lawn care needs with our innovative Online Lawn Assessment!  Simply answer a few questions about your current lawn condition & aspirations, and let our intuitive quiz do the rest. Whether you're dreaming of a vibrant green oasis or seeking a low-maintenance solution, we've got you covered. 


Take the guesswork out of lawn care and start your journey towards a healthier, more beautiful lawn today with our online Lawn Assessment!

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Measure your lawn online

We have 2 garden measuring tools for you:

Lawn Area Calculator: Perfect if you know the length and width of your garden - and you can subtract areas that you don't contain any grass, such as your patio, flower beds and paths 


Measure on a Map: Our interactive satellite-view map allows you to draw the boundary around your garden to show the total area.

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