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Sea of Green - Seaweed Soil Conditioner

Sea of Green

Seaweed Meal

Soil conditioner

Sea of Green is exclusively available with the Advanced Lawn Care Plan and cannot be purchased individually.


>2% Nitrogen, >0.7% Phosphorus, >3.6% Potassium


The original all natural fertiliser used for 100's of years


Control moisture retention in heavy clay and light sandy soils

20-30 sqm

1 kg pack covers 20-30 square metres

Sea of Green Seaweed Meal

Sea of Green is on available via the Advanced Lawn Care Plan.

Seaweed has been used as a natural soil improver for centuries, especially in farming communities located by the coast. Sea of Green seaweed meal is harvested from the Atlantic Ocean and delivered straight to your door, so you can realise this organic benefit on your own lawn.


- Promotes stress resistant healthy sward

- Increases soil fertility

- Reduces requirements for chemical fertiliser

- Useful source of organic carbon

- Contains carbohydrates, amino acids, protein and vitamins all essential for healthy soils

- Improves aeration soil structure, especially in clay soils.

- Excellent moisture retention properties

Sea of Green seaweed meal is used to condition soils; as it breaks down it gently releases nutrients. Alginates, which are unique to seaweeds, act to improve the structure of clay soils whilst increasing the water holding capacity of sandy soils, thus increasing the moisture in the soil. Seaweed is rich in trace elements essential to plants and feeds will not produce excessive growth.

Using seaweed can reduce your dependency on fertilisers as the improvements to soil structure make for a much kinder environment for your grass plant to grow.

Sea of Green seaweed meal can be applied anytime of year between May and September. However, it has been specially formulated to provide your lawn’s exact requirements as part of a calculated annual subscription lawn care package.

Satugran is on available via the Advanced Lawn Care Plan.

Sea of Green Seaweed Meal is only available as part of our Advanced Lawn Care Subscription Plan, where we send you the right product, at the right time, in the right amount.  Couple with a payment plan to suit you, it's the easiest way to treat your lawn.

Great for lawn renovation - whatever your soil

Lawn renovation is a great time to introduce seaweed in to your lawn.  Creating hollow cores in your soil and spreading seaweed meal into them can help aerate heavy clay soils, whilst enabling sandy soils to retain more moisture.  It really is the silver bullet of lawn care

The original all natural fertiliser

Farmers have been using seaweed for hundreds of years to improve the yield of their crops.  It is now know seaweed is a bio-stimulant as it contains hormones that improve the plant nutrient uptake, whilst simultaneously increasing disease resistance and germination.  Simply put - it turbo charges your grass's ability to use the nutrients in the soil

Neutralise your soil's pH

By neutralising the pH of your soil, it releases nutrients stuck in your soil to enable the grass plant to use previously locked away nutrients

Retain moisture

Regardless of if you have heavy clay soil, or light sandy soil, Sea of Green seaweed meal can help regulate the moisture levels in your lawn

ZERO waste

Only buy what you need with our 1 kg packs.  Reduce wastage and save money on left over fertiliser.  Not sure how much you need? Try our LAWN MEASURING TOOL

Atlantic Ocean

Our Seaweed Meal is harvested from the Atlantic ocean, dried, bagged and sent straight to your door, exactly when you need it

Improve soil fertility

 With improved soil fertility comes better germination and better root establishment.  The better the roots, the better the shoots

Easy & consistent to apply

Apply by hand or with a spreader, we stand by granular fertilisers because they are so easy and consistent to apply.  Get consistent results every time, without the need to buy expensive knapsack sprayers


Sea is no different to our fertilisers to apply - its fine meal form spreads evenly and easily

We set the benchmark for others to follow. Take a look for yourself...

  • Sea of Green 


  • Generic Fertiliser


Nitrogen (N)



Phosphorus (P)



Potassium (K)


Yes - improve aeration of heavy soils

Improves Soil Structure


Yes - improves germination

Improves Soil Fertility


Yes - keeps moisture at the rootzone

Retains Moisture


yes - all natural seaweed meal

Chemical Free

4-6 weeks

No waste - order only what you need


Yes - sold in big quantities

No - grass does not shoot

Grass Rapidly Grows

Yes - more mowing for you

Specific treatment tailored to the time of year

Specific Treatment

No - same treatment every time


Loyalty & Referral Rewards


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