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/ Satugran Wetting Agent

Satugran Granular Wetting Agent


Granular Wetting 


Satugran Wetting agent is exclusively available with the Advanced Lawn Care Plan and cannot be purchased individually.


Easy to spread evenly for consistent results

Stress Relief

Reduces stress caused by lack of water

Prevent LDP

Prevents local dry patch by reducing surface tension of water

Satugran Granular Wetting Agent

NOTE: Satugran is only available via the Advanced Lawn Care Plan.

Satugran is a granular wetting agent designed to prevent the occurrence of a localised dry patch (LDP).  SATUGRAN allows water and moisture to move down deeper into the root zone and also enables water to spread out laterally throughout the soil profile, giving maximum stress relief to all plants and reducing vital plant count loss.

  • Granular product for easy application
  • Prevents localised dry patch (LDP)
  • Moves moisture down deeper into the root zone
  • Maximum stress relief
  • Perfect for the longer, dryer summers we are facing

 What is a localised dry patch?

Localised dry patch is a common problem usually caused by biological processes in the soil (for example Fairy-Ring fungi). These cause a build-up over time of waxy organic material on soil particles making them strongly hydrophobic.  The result is persistent areas that are difficult to wet, leading to patches of turf suffering drought stress

Satugran is on available via the Advanced Lawn Care Plan.

Satugran is only available as part of our Advanced Lawn Care Subscription Plan, where we send you the right product, at the right time, in the right amount.  Couple with a payment plan to suit you, it's the easiest way to treat your lawn.

Long dry summers

Its no secret that summers are getting longer, hotter and drier.  This presents a real problem for your lawn - its gets dry and the grass goes dormant, brown and crispy underfoot.  Satugran makes the most of the rainfall and watering programme to allow the water to penetrate the surface of the soil and reach the roots

Localised Dry Patch

Localised Dry Patch cause small patches of lawn that repel water instead of allowing it to soak in to the soil.  The soil becomes hydrophobic and the grass starts to turn brown.  It doesn't matter how much you water LDP, it just runs off!  Satugran allows the water to penetrate the surface and access the root by reducing the surface tension of the water

Reduce the stress

With a lack of moisture, your lawn will soon become stresses, making is susceptible to disease and damage.  Satugran keeps the moisture at the rootzone to maintain a healthy grass plant

(Maintain) The colour of envy

Your lawn looked perfectly green in Spring thanks to the abundance of water, so why not maintain the perfect colour as the water becomes less abundant by using Satugran Granular Wetting Agent

ZERO waste

Only buy what you need with our 1 kg packs.  Reduce wastage and save money on left over product.  Not sure how much you need? Try our LAWN MEASURING TOOL

The toughest conditions

Used golf courses where the highest demand meets the highest expectations, greenkeepers all over the world rely on wetting agents to satisfy their members

It's science, you know

Satugran Wetting Agent reduces the surface tension of water.  Don't leave your lawn health to chance, use Satugran and have science on your side

Easy & consistent to apply

Apply by hand or with a spreader, we stand by granular fertilisers & lawn treatments because they are so easy and consistent to apply.  Get consistent results every time, without the need to buy expensive knapsack sprayers


A 1 kg bag of Satugran Granular Wetting Agent will cover 30-50 square metres

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