Rewards for referring a friend

When you refer a friend to Mowd Lawn Care, we'll reward you with points as a token of our appreciation.  And we all know that points make prizes, and this is no different.  Points can be turned into voucher codes that can be used on normal, one-time purchases and your subscriptions payments... which means you could pay be paying for your own lawn treatments simply by telling other people about us.


It is easy to refer someone...

1) If you are not already logged in, tell us who you are.  Make sure you use the same email address that you use to order on

2) Type in your friend's email address to send them your unique referrer code.  They MUST use this referral code for us to be able to attribute the referral to you.

3) Once they have placed an order on, we'll give you 100 points.  Your friend will get 100 points too.

How to use the points you have earned

Your points will show on the Rewards bar at the bottom of our website.  Once you have enough points, you can exchange them for vouchers that you can use (like cash) on our website.  Simply convert the points into vouchers and use at the checkout.  if you are a subscriber and wish to use the voucher code on your next subscription payment, go to the 'Manage Subscription' link, found in your Subscription order email and enter the code in there, so that it is used on your next payment order.

Refer a friend now...

How can i check on the status of my referrals?

We'll let you know direct to your email account when someone has used your referral code.