Lawn Area Calculator

It is important to measure your lawn area as accurately as possible when planning to apply any fertiliser.  

Under-feeding can yield poor results and overfeeding can damage your lawn.

Lawn Area

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Grass Feed Area

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Buy only what you need

Save money and waste! 

We have put together this lawn calculator so that you can accurately plan the area of your lawn.  This prevents overspend on lawn treatments that you do not need, but also helps you to not damage (burn) your lawn by overfeeding.


Use this lawn area calculator to enter your overall garden plot, then add in the areas that you with to exclude like flower beds, patios and sheds.  Once you have the final figure, use this to accurately order your lawn care subscription or individual lawn feeds.  This calculator can be used with any products - not just Mowd products!  

How to measure your lawn:

  1. Enter your Total Lawn Length
  2. Enter your Total Lawn Width
  3. Add any exclusions where there is no grass.  This will help to calculate the actual area of lawn that you need to feed and prevent over-feeding.  Include all areas including flower beds, shed bases, paths, patios and mulched areas and decking.  Do not exclude them if your original length/width measurements did not include them.  You can add as many exclusions as you like.

Alternatively, you can measure your garden area with our map tool.  Remember to factor in your exclusions there too.