3 Common Fertiliser Mistakes and the Ultimate Solution for a Luscious Lawn



This week, we uncover three common fertiliser mistakes that almost everyone makes. But don't worry—I also have a simple solution to ensure your lawn stays vibrant and healthy.  No time to read?  Watch the video:

Mistake #1: Using the Wrong Product

One prevalent mistake during fertiliser application is using the wrong product. Many people head to their DIY store at the beginning of spring, grab a weed and feed product off the shelf, and use it consistently throughout the year. 


The assumption that "fertiliser is fertiliser" is a misconception. Lawns require different nutrients at various times of the year. For example, in autumn, potassium is crucial for winter hardiness, while nitrogen is essential in spring to encourage leaf growth.

Mistake #2: Not Fertilising

The second significant mistake is simply forgetting to fertilise. It's easy to neglect this crucial task when the grass still looks green. However, fertiliser provides essential nutrients beyond enhancing the lawn's color. Regular feeding throughout the year ensures the lawn's health by supplying micronutrients.

Mistake #3: Applying the Wrong Amount

The third and final mistake involves applying the wrong amount of fertiliser. Overapplication, driven by unclear calculations on the product's packaging, can harm the grass by overdosing on weed-killing elements and excessive nitrogen. On the other hand, underapplication, often due to miscalculations or a desire to save money, results in a short-lived effect on the lawn, leaving it susceptible to issues like Clover due to nitrogen deficiency.

Solution: Mowd's Lawn Care Subscription Plan

Here's the game-changer: Mowd offers a lawn care subscription plan, eliminating the guesswork. With this plan, you receive the right amount of the right product precisely when your lawn needs it. Choose from three subscription plans and payment options—monthly, quarterly, or annually. This way, you can't forget, you can't overapply, and you're always using the right product for your lawn's specific needs. Visit mowd.uk to explore these subscription plans.

Now you know how to assess and compare lawn feed, the only question left to answer is: Granular or Liquid? We've written a blog on that too and the answer might surprise you!


Still usure on what to buy?  Mowd offers subscription lawn care packages that handle it for you. We send you the right fertiliser, in the right amount, at the right time of year to your door. The perfect lawn has never been easier to achieve.

Level-Up Lawn Care Subscription

Next Scheduled Delivery: May

The Level-up Lawn Care Plan contains 4x granular lawn treatments that give your lawn all the nutrients it needs over the course of a year plus a weed and moss killer application. It is delivered 4 times throughout the year from March through to September.  All feeds are slow release and last up to 3-months.

Treatments include:

  • Spring Feed
  • Summer Feed
  • Autumn Feed
  • Weed Feed and Moss Killer 

Subscribe & Save! Get all lawn treatments in this plan for 10% cheaper than individual purchases!

Mowd Lawn Care Plans are carefully curated lawn treatments designed to enhanced the colour, health and coverage of your lawn, with maximum convenience.  You buy only what you need - so there is no wastage!

Measure your lawn - save money

We want you to make the most out of your Lawn Subscription, which includes preventing waste and saving money.  We have developed some useful tools for accurately measuring your lawn, right here on the Mowd Website.  

You can measure your garden lawn on a map, without even needing to be in your garden (perfect when you're looking at this from the office or on a beach).

If you know the length and width of your garden, try our lawn area calculator.  The lawn calculator allows you to exclude all the non-grass areas (flower beds, patio, shed footprint etc) and discover the correct for your new lawn care plan!  

That's right - we provide tools that stop you spending too much money with us 🤯.

Find the plan that suits you best

Choice of 3 lawn care plans. Simple pricing with delivery included.  Simply choose the plan and payment schedule that suits you!

Want to try before you subscribe?

A selection of our lawn plan treatments are available to buy as a trial pack.  This gives you the chance to try a treatment before subscribing.  Simply enter your lawn size and choose the product.



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