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3 Reasons You Should be Using Seaweed on Your Lawn

Three Key Benefits of Using Seaweed on Your Lawn


Seaweed has been used as a natural fertiliser for hundreds of years. Mowd's "Sea of Green" Seaweed Meal is harvested straight from the Atlantic Ocean and has become an essential ingredient for maintaining healthy lawns. In this article, we will explore the three key benefits of using seaweed on your lawn.

Soil Improvement

If you have a heavy clay-based soil, adding seaweed can greatly improve its quality. When you aerate or scarify your lawn, incorporating seaweed helps to lighten the soil. This allows the roots to easily access the nutrients present in the soil, promoting healthier plant growth. By using seaweed as a soil improver, you enhance the overall health of your lawn.

Moisture Retention

Sandy soils tend to drain water quickly, making it challenging for plants to retain moisture. However, by utilising seaweed, you can address this issue. Seaweed helps to retain moisture in the soil and within the root zone. This ensures that the roots have easy access to the necessary water, even during longer and drier summers. When combined with a wetting agent, seaweed becomes an excellent tool for maximising water efficiency and keeping your lawn hydrated.

Natural Fertilisation

One of the significant benefits of using seaweed on your lawn is its natural composition. By opting for seaweed as a fertiliser, you reduce the need for chemical-based products. Unlike synthetic fertilisers, seaweed does not induce excessive growth, allowing for a more controlled and balanced lawn. Additionally, seaweed is a sustainable and environmentally friendly option, making it an ideal choice for those who prioritise natural lawn care.


In summary, seaweed offers three key benefits for your lawn: soil improvement, moisture retention, and natural fertilisation. By incorporating seaweed, you can enhance the quality of clay soils, improve water retention in sandy soils, and promote a healthier and more sustainable lawn. If you are interested in utilising seaweed for your lawn, consider exploring "Sea of Green" seaweed meal, available on our website. It is also avaialble in our Advanced Lawn Care Plan, and becuase its a subscriptions, its cheaper! For more information about lawn care and our products, join our Facebook group, "My Lawn by Mowd".

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