How should I apply lawn fertiliser - liquid or granular?

April 2023


When it comes to fertilising your lawn, you have 2 main options - liquid or granular, but which one is best for home lawn care?


When I started my lawn care career on golf courses and cricket pitches as a young adult, I often wondered why we sometimes used liquid fertilisers and other times we used granular fertilisers. The concept is really quite simple, but like most things, the reality is somewhat ambiguous.


The concept, as my Head Greenkeeper used to say, is simple: "Granular fertilisers are the meals, liquid fertilisers are the snacks". And this analogy can be expanded as far as you like. Breakfast, lunch and dinner refer to the Spring, Summer and Autumn feeds, but as we all know, sometimes we need a quick pick me up - a banana, an apple (who am I kidding - a doughnut or slice of cake!). 


It's the same for the grass in your lawn, it needs a balanced base of nutrients, but sometimes when subjected to extra stresses such as foot traffic, droughts, frosts or disease, it needs a quick pick me up.

It's important to appreciate the context of a greenkeeper here too, the stresses endured by golf courses are far higher than even the busiest home garden lawn. The grass is cut as low as 2-3mm, greens have a sand base that doesn't hold nutrients very well and are susceptible to leaching, there may be more than 300 people walking over the green in a single day causing compaction and damage.


Luckily the home garden lawn has it much easier, so the lawn care program can be much simpler. Combined with recent developments in fertilisers, it is possible to find granular fertilisers that last up to 3 months, as opposed to the traditional 4-6 weeks.

Here are 6 reasons why Mowd's long-lasting granular fertilisers are better than liquid feed.

Slow release of nutrients: Mowd's granular fertilisers such as Equinox Spring & Autumn and Feels Like Summer fertilisers are designed to release nutrients gradually over time. They have a controlled-release coating that regulates the nutrient release over 3 months. This ensures a steady and continuous supply of nutrients to the grass plant promoting steady growth, and preventing a flush of growth soon after application.

Reduced risk of over-fertilization: With granular fertilizers, it's easier to control the amount of fertilizer applied and the small granules can be distributed evenly. With Mowd's subscription lawn care service, we send you the exact amount you need for your lawn so you don't have to calculate the application rate or have any left over. In contrast, liquid fertilizers can be more challenging to apply uniformly, increasing the risk of over-fertilization, which can harm plants and the environment, and waste money!

Longer shelf life: Granular fertilizers generally have a longer shelf life than liquid fertilizers. Liquid fertilizers can degrade over time due to evaporation or chemical reactions, reducing their effectiveness. Granular fertilizers, are less susceptible to these issues and can retain their nutrient content for longer periods.

Easier storage and transportation: Granular fertilizers are less prone to spills and leakage compared to liquid fertilizers. This makes them easier and safer to store and transport, ensuring your fertiliser arrives intact and ready to use.

Lower risk of root burn: Liquid fertilizers, especially if not properly diluted or applied, can lead to root burn, which occurs when the concentrated fertilizer comes into direct contact with plant roots. Granular fertilizers, with their slow-release nature, reduce the risk of root burn, as the nutrients are released gradually.

Convenience in application: Granular fertilisers are more convenient to apply. They can be applied using broadcast spreaders or manually scattered, making them suitable for covering larger areas quickly. You can also see where you have been, preventing over-application. Liquid fertilisers require knapsack sprayers that are not only expensive but difficult to calibrate and distribute fertiliser evenly. In this video, I explain what I use to spread granular lawn feed.

What makes a good lawn fertiliser?

The quality of the fertiliser is an important consideration and can be quickly ascertained by looking for the NPK (Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium) value on the packet (we have a blog on that here). 


Traditional off-the-shelf fertiliser products focus on a high nitrogen (N) content which provides quick green leaf growth, but quickly dies down after 4-6 weeks. They neglect the other 2 key nutrients - phosphorus (P) and potassium (K). Phosphorus is essential for establishing strong roots, whilst potassium is key for making grass resistant to disease and using water more efficiently.

So what makes Mowd Fertilisers great?

Mowd's fertilisers have a high NPK value, with the addition of other important nutrients such as calcium, iron, magnesium and seaweed - to expand on the analogy we started with, think of these as the multivitamins for your grass.


This chart shows the NPK value of Mowd's Equinox Spring & Summer Fertiliser compared to other market products. It shows Equinox has more nitrogen, more phosphorus, more potassium and lasts longer!


We believe so strongly that granular fertilisers are better than liquid fertilisers, we have built a business around it. Our concept is to deliver the right amount of the right product, at the right time, to your door. 


It is as easy as lawn care gets and with subscription packages from £7 per month, it's both convenient and great value. Our subscription lawn care packages go further than just fertilisers, we use seaweed and wetting agents, to further enhance the performance of our quality, nutrient-rich fertilisers.

Video plug - Lawn recovery Series...

Good news is, Mowd can help you!

Level-Up Lawn Care Subscription

Next Scheduled Delivery: May

The Level-up Lawn Care Plan contains 4x granular lawn treatments that give your lawn all the nutrients it needs over the course of a year plus a weed and moss killer application. It is delivered 4 times throughout the year from March through to September.  All feeds are slow release and last up to 3-months.

Treatments include:

  • Spring Feed
  • Summer Feed
  • Autumn Feed
  • Weed Feed and Moss Killer 

Subscribe & Save! Get all lawn treatments in this plan for 10% cheaper than individual purchases!

Mowd Lawn Care Plans are carefully curated lawn treatments designed to enhanced the colour, health and coverage of your lawn, with maximum convenience.  You buy only what you need - so there is no wastage!

Measure your lawn - save money

We want you to make the most out of your Lawn Subscription, which includes preventing waste and saving money.  We have developed some useful tools for accurately measuring your lawn, right here on the Mowd Website.  

You can measure your garden lawn on a map, without even needing to be in your garden (perfect when you're looking at this from the office or on a beach).

If you know the length and width of your garden, try our lawn area calculator.  The lawn calculator allows you to exclude all the non-grass areas (flower beds, patio, shed footprint etc) and discover the correct for your new lawn care plan!  

That's right - we provide tools that stop you spending too much money with us 🤯.

Find the plan that suits you best

Choice of 3 lawn care plans. Simple pricing with delivery included.  Simply choose the plan and payment schedule that suits you!

Want to try before you subscribe?

A selection of our lawn plan treatments are available to buy as a trial pack.  This gives you the chance to try a treatment before subscribing.  Simply enter your lawn size and choose the product.



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We love lawns at Mowd!  The fascination started back in the late 90's when Rich and Dan (Mowd founders), worked on local cricket pitches and golf courses. Cutting, treating and fighting the elements to bring beautiful looking grass to sports facilities in the Midlands.  


Since then, we have been advising friends and family on treatments to buy and  how to care for & renovate their lawns.  That is why we decided to launch Mowd Lawn Care Plans - to enable lawn lovers everywhere, no matter what the skill level.


Rich Young  / Product Director