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Winter Lawn Care Tasks: 3 Tips for a Healthy Lawn


Winter is approaching, and it's time to start thinking about how to care for your lawn during the colder months. In this blog post, we will discuss three essential winter lawn care tasks that will help keep your grass healthy and ready to thrive in the spring. By following these tips, you can ensure that your lawn remains robust and beautiful all year round.

Fertilisation: Protecting Your Lawn

One of the most crucial winter lawn care tasks is fertilisation. As the days grow shorter and colder, your grass needs nutrients to stay strong and resilient. Using an Autumn fertiliser high in potassium is key to protecting your lawn from diseases and stresses that winter can bring. Rich in potassium, our Equinox lawn feed is specially formulated to make your grass hardy and ready for the winter months. Its additional components like magnesium, seaweed, and calcium contribute to the overall health and strength of your lawn.

Increasing the Cut Height

During the warmer months, many of us prefer a short lawn. However, as winter approaches, it's essential to start raising the height of the cut. By allowing your grass to grow longer, you promote increased photosynthesis in the plant, which helps maintain its health. With less light and lower light quality in the winter, a taller cut ensures that your lawn has the best chance of thriving. Additionally, a higher cut can also help prevent weeds from taking hold in the spring, giving you a head start in maintaining a weed-free lawn.

Collecting Leaves and Garden Debris

Leaves and garden debris can wreak havoc on your lawn if left unattended during the winter. It's crucial to collect up all the fallen leaves and any other garden furniture that may be out. Leaves, in particular, can create a dark and damp environment that promotes the development of leafmould and the spread of diseases. Regularly raking up the leaves will prevent these issues and give your lawn a head start in the spring. Don't forget to remove any other items, such as trampolines, that can obstruct your lawn's health and growth.


Winterising your lawn is an essential part of maintaining a healthy and beautiful outdoor space. By following these three winter lawn care tasks - fertilisation, increasing the cut height, and collecting leaves and debris - you can ensure that your lawn remains resilient and ready to flourish when spring arrives. Don't forget to subscribe to one of Mowd's Lawn Care Plans for the easiest way to care for your lawn all year round. With the right products and delivered automatically just when you need them, you can achieve a perfect lawn with minimal effort. Remember, a little preparation now can make a significant difference in the health and vitality of your lawn in the seasons to come.

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