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Is your lawn achieving it's full potential?

Mowd Lawn care plans keep your lawn nourished all year round with minimal effort.

Your Lawn: The envy of your neighbours

Whether you are a newcomer to lawn care or a seasoned pro, our lawn care plans contain great, long lasting lawn treatments with maximum convenience.  Only pay for the right amount of product needed for your lawn area and apply the correct seasonal product without digging into the world of NPK!


The sooner you begin, the sooner your neighbours will notice

Keep your grass happy.

01. Measure your lawn

We supply the right amount of product for your lawn area.  No wasted product or money.

02. Choose your plan

Select the plan that suits your needs.  From feeds only, through to weed killing / moss killing and soil improvers. Try our lawn plan selector to help you choose.

03. Apply product seasonally

Sit back while we automatically deliver the treatments to your door, right when they need to be applied.  Minimal effort.

Why subscribe today?

Subscribe today and the next 12 months lawn treatments are covered. Let us tell you what your lawn needs and we'll send it to you with minimal effort.

Our plans are carefully calculated to cover your lawns nutritional needs all year round. 

Automatic seasonal deliveries mean you never miss a treatment. 

Not just the NPK, but a whole bunch of micro-nutrients that help your lawn withstand environmental stresses

Our lawn plans are right-sized for your lawn area, meaning you only pay for what you use.  

Free lawn consultation.
Let's talk!

You want a great lawn, but you don't know where to start;  we're here for you.  


Tell us what you want to achieve with your lawn or the problems you have.  Book an appointment if you want help choosing a subscription package that is right for you.  We can even help with measuring your lawn.


Why wait?  Book a FREE consultation call today!

Let your lawn thrive with mowd

By keeping on top of your lawn nutritional needs, your lawn will be more vibrant, healthier and better equipped to withstand the hardships of fun.



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Online lawn assessment

Discover the ultimate solution for your lawn care needs with our innovative Online Lawn Assessment!  Simply answer a few questions about your current lawn condition & aspirations, and let our intuitive quiz do the rest. Whether you're dreaming of a vibrant green oasis or seeking a low-maintenance solution, we've got you covered. 


Take the guesswork out of lawn care and start your journey towards a healthier, more beautiful lawn today with our online Lawn Assessment!

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Measure my lawn

Measure your lawn online

We have 2 garden measuring tools for you:

Lawn Area Calculator: Perfect if you know the length and width of your garden - and you can subtract areas that you don't contain any grass, such as your patio, flower beds and paths 


Measure on a Map: Our interactive satellite-view map allows you to draw the boundary around your garden to show the total area.

Measure my lawn

Frequently asked questions

Have questions? We’re here to help

Is there a trial available?

A number of our treatments are available as one-off purchases to allow you to test our products before committing to a subscription.  Some of our lawn treatments are only available exclusively as part of the lawn care plans.  

Does a lawn care subscription include every nutrient my lawn needs?

In short, yes.  Some types of lawn (such as ornamental/specialist lawns) may need extra maintenance .  These are not generally found in the average UK household.  

Why does my lawn need nutrients?

Like a humans, grass needs nutrients.  Think of a Mowd Lawn Subscription as giving your lawn it's '5-a-day'.   Humans need Vitamin C, Iron, Protein, Calcium etc, all providing benefits.  Grass needs Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Potassium, Calcium, Magnesium, Boron, just to name a few.

This takes your grass plant health from being 5/10 when it is scavenging leftover nutrients in the soil, to 10/10.  Giving it every chance to recover quickly from foot traffic, be more resilient to disease and produce wider/greener sward - which visually give you a greener canvas for your garden.

What happens if I am not available when the treatment is due to be delivered

We will send out notifications before the treatments are due to arrive (usually 1-2 weeks before), then we'll give you a tracking number once your treatment has been dispatched.


If you are unavailable to receive your treatment (on holiday etc), let us know and we'll delay the delivery to a time that suits. 

How does billing work?

We offer 3 different ways to pay to give you maximum flexibility.  These are monthly, quarterly and annually.


We take  a payment when you sign up, then the next scheduled payments are paid on the 1st of each month.  If you choose the quartely payment option, it will be the 1st of each 3rd month and so on.


Does the plan include weed killer?

Yes, Our Level-Up and Advanced plans come with an annual weed killer application, which is delivered right when the weeds start to grow.

What are your opening hours

Our live chat is active from 7am - 10pm Mon-Saturday, then 7am-midday on Sundays.  We try our best to be available when it's convenient for our customers, and not just the normal 9-5.

Can I refer a friend for money off?

Absolutely - Our loyalty and referral programs work in harmony to earn you points, which turn into money off vouchers.  You can use these vouchers as money off one-time purchases or on lawn care subscriptions!

What is the difference between your subscriptions and buying off the shelf fertilisers?

We have covered all the nutritional needs of your lawn and formulated the plan for you.  All you need to do is apply them when they arrive.  It's impossible to forget to feed!


In addition, our plans are sized perfectly for your lawn area, so there is no wastage.  You put all the product down.  No measuring, no over feeding!


You also don't need to worry about how long the fertiliser lasts.  When your last treatment is wearing off, the next one will be landing on your doorstep.

What if I am on holiday when the treatment is due?

We can hold your treatment and deliver it when you need it.  Simply send us an email to and we'll send it out at the date you specify.