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What can Mowd do for my lawn?

I'm new to Lawn Care...

Everyone wants that's lawn that can stand up to daily stresses.  It's the place where the kids play and the adults relax.   Mowd Lawn Care plans give you all the nutrients your grass needs to stay healthy (resist disease) and display a thick lush green canvas for your garden.  

You may not like the aspect of figuring out which lawn feed is best for your garden.  What makes a quality product?  How often do I need to apply it?  How much do I apply?  It can be a minefield for those new to lawn care.

We supply the correct lawn treatments, so no need to aimlessly research and source products.

No need to guess at the application rates

No need to guess when to apply.  If we've sent it - now is the time.

Stay on track with your new lawn care adventure by letting us automatically send out the treatments when you need to apply them

Don't spend your precious time continuously feeding your lawn.  Our long-lasting feeds slowly release nutrients, ensuring your lawn is topped up.

No overspending on large packets of lawn treatments.  You pay for what you need and not a penny more.

Ask us....  If you are unsure which plan suits you - drop us a message on our live chat or email support@mowd.uk and we'd be happy to help!

Provide support via our YouTube Videos,  Facebook Community Page, Blog Posts and chat/email support.

I know my lawns...

If you really know your lawn, we're not going to tell you how to suck eggs.  You know what makes a great lawn product and you know the importance of feeding your lawn.   For you we bring convenience, reduced waste and great pricing of quality products.

Remove the hassle of re-ordering each treatment period.  We automatically send out the new treatments each season.

Competitive pricing, with savings for subscribing 

Selection of plans from Basic (with lawn feeds only) to Advanced with weed and moss killer, soil conditioners, and wetting agents.

Long-lasting granular feeds that treat your lawn for up to 3-months.  More time to enjoy your lawn and focus on those stripes!   

Buy the right amount for your lawn size.  Don't waste money on buying more than you need.

How does it work?

Need help measuring your lawn area?

We have some great tools to help you measure your lawn.  If you are on holiday, in the office or it's cold outside - try out our map measuring tool!  We have a tool that uses Google Maps to measure your lawn from Satellite view!  Measure your lawn with our map tool now.


If you know your general lawn area, but want to get maximum value from Mowd, try our lawn area calculator.  This tool will calculate the true area of your lawn by removing non-grass areas such as patios, flower beds and shed bases.

Measure on map
Lawn Area Calculator

Proud to be family-run business with a background of sports turf care

We're all lawn nerds and we totally understand the benefits of having a great lawn.  We find gardening and lawn care both relaxing and rewarding.  With a history of working on cricket, rugby, football pitches and golf courses - we've been advising customers, friends and family on how to achieve the perfect lawn.


The most common question we received each year was "which products should I buy for my lawn".  Generally the answer was much the same, as lawn care products really haven't changed.  Grass still loves and needs Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium (NPK), as it always has.  Different products have varying amounts of these nutrients and they need different amounts through the year.  Add these common knowledge gaps to the inconvenience and cost of treating lawns and you have the reason for Mowd's existence!


Our mission is to make a great DIY lawn achievable by everyone, via our lawn tips, great products, convenient subscriptions and great customer experience.... and we're only just getting started.  We have many more exciting and innovative ideas up our sleeves that will help your lawn care journey!


So who is Mowd?

Along with years working on local cricket grounds and golf courses, Richie has almost 20 years in the Fire Service where he has honed his tutor skills. 


Richie is the brains behind our lawn care product selection, engaging tutor and video maker.  He is the one that spends hours making Mowd's YouTube content to share the lawn care tips!


Richie Young

Head of Product & YouTuber

Father and Husband to Hayley

A qualified Radiographer in the NHS for over 15 years, and married to Richie (a lawn nut!) - there was no escaping the lawn-fever for Hayley.


Hayley ensures our vision of 'Great DIY lawns for everyone' is shared with as many people as possible.  From advertising the latest lawn vids to broadcasting our latest products - Hayley is Mowd's social media voice! 

Hayley Young

Marketing Manager

Mum and Wife to Richie

Having worked alongside Richie in the early days on cricket, golf, football and rugby grounds, Dan has over 20 years working in IT, with the last 8 years specialising in automation and Cloud infrastructure for FTSE100 businesses.  


Dan brings his expertise in tech to add that spicey modem spin to lawn care and we also know how to protect our customer's data!


Dan Young

Web & Tech Manager

Father and Husband to Lorna

Lorna grew up in a place where sand and aircon was more common than grass, then moved to the UK, married Dan (also a lawn nut!) and caught the bug too!  Now, when it's mowing day - you have to wake up early to bag the task in the Lorna/Dan household!


Lorna is our customer support expert and resident organiser following a past as a Legal PA and Samaritan.  

Lorna Young

Customer Support Manager

Mum and Wife to Dan

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