How does a Mowd Lawn Care Subscriptions work?

We have bundled our lawn care expertise into really simple packages that can help even the most novice of lawn owners achieve beautiful lawns!  Whether you are a newcomer to lawn care or a dab hand - our subscriptions offer both convenience and great value.


Our lawn care plans give your grass all the nutrition it needs to look beautiful and stay healthy at root-level.  

3 simple steps closer to a Beautiful Lawn

Mowd subscriptions are so simple! Start your lawn care journey in 3 simple steps
Measure your lawn.

Accurately measure your lawn and only pay for what you need!  

Choose Your Lawn Care Plan

Compare and choose the lawn care plan you want and a payment plan that suits.

Apply the products.

We automatically send out the next lawn treatment when it is due to be applied.  All you have to do is apply the product.

Every Order Includes.

  • Subscribe & Save! 10% OFF Lawn Treatments through our Lawn Care Subscriptions

  • Simple monthly, quarterly or annual payment plans
  • Access to expert advice & support.
  • Delivery notifications and tracking.
  • Delivery- no nasty surprises at checkout
  • Self-service Subscription Portal
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Each step in a little more detail...

Step 1 - Measure your lawn area
Step 2 - Choose Your Plan & Payment Option
Q Step 3 - Apply the product and enjoy the results!