Ready your lawn this spring

Ready your lawn this spring

Spring means 3 things: warmer weather, the clocks going forward... and your Mowd Lawn Care Subscription is on its way!

No matter if you are on the Basic, Level-Up or Advanced lawn care plan, we are busy prepping and packing your Equinox Spring and Autumn Fertiliser. It's packed with slow-release Nitrogen to give your grass the wake-up call it needs, Potassium to help protect your grass from disease, and a good dose of Magnesium to produce a deep green colour. I almost forgot... we also sprinkled in a little seaweed from our Sea of Green Seaweed Meal, to supercharge your lawn this spring.

Here are a few things you can do to get ahead of the lawn care game and make sure your garden is ready for the Equinox Spring & Autumn Fertiliser!

Mowing the Lawn

It's time to start cutting the grass! For me, that's a beautiful time of year, but lawn mowing fascination aside, a regular mowing regime is one of the best things you can do for your lawn. Start with the mower quite high - around 50mm - 40mm, but remember not to remove more than 1 third of the grass plant in one cut.  

Patience is key- your aim here is to prepare the grass to receive the fertiliser, not to produce a strip of grass that could host the Wimbledon doubles final! Once a week is fine for now but look out for red flags. Do not cut your lawn if temperatures plummet and you expect a frost, or if it's so wet you create muddy patches!  

An essential part of a well-functioning lawn mower is a sharp blade. Check out this short video of me sharpening my rotary mower blade last year. "What's a rotary mower?" I hear you ask... well this video where I explain the difference between a rotary and cylinder lawn mower is for you.


You might notice some weeds in your lawn as you get out and start mowing again. Before you think of using herbicides to kill them off, the most effective (and best for the environment) method is to remove them by hand. Take a garden fork or knife and prise them out from the root. Dont think this is all the weeding you need to do this year - most weeds won't start actively growing until late April/ early May, depending on the temperatures. That's why our Level Up and Advanced lawn care subscription customers will receive TurfRise Feed, Weed & Moss Killer in May.

Lawn Appraisal

As you spend more time in your garden after a long harsh winter, you will start to notice what is needed to get it back up to spec. You might notice bare patches, moss, weeds, boggy areas or even damage from wildlife (hopefully not moles!). This is a great time to list all the problem areas down and come up with a plan. If you have a few bare patches, spreading some lawn seed and topsoil will be an easy win (like this golf course technique I learnt back in the day.

If your lawn needs some TLC, maybe a full lawn renovation is on the cards. Don't panic, it's not as hard as it first seems. This video guide from last year's Autumn lawn renovation will show you every step you need to complete.

Don't forget, we have an extensive range of lawn care blogs to help you make the most of your lawn this year and continuously release videos on YouTube and TikTok, so why not subscribe to our social media channels and stay up-to-date?

And finally, PLAN A GARDEN PARTY OR BBQ, to show your new lawn off to all your friends and family. Share your lawn stories with us on Facebook, we love to hear how you are making the most of your lawn.

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